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Tec Talks-Clean Tech ECHS Program in Ballston Spa

  • Tech Talks Season 3 Episode 1

    Tech Talks Season 3 Episode 1

    Join Look TV for a NEW season of Tec Talks. This show is shot on GoPro Cameras by the students of the TEC-SMART Program. It tells their journey through the program from their perspective. This episode focuses on “Millennials In Manufacturing”
  • Tec Talks Season 2 Episode 4

    Tec Talks Season 2 Episode 4

    In this episode of Tec Talks we discuss graduation and employment opportunities with Superintendent of Ballston Spa Central School District, Joe Dragone. and give a reflection of the school year from the students.
  • Tec Talks Season 2 Episode 3

    Tec Talks Season 2 Episode 3

    In this episode of Tec Talks, Seniors work on solar presentations, Freshman work on their eco car challenge, and the Juniors test their windmill projects. Tec Talks follows the journey of the students in their eyes, and they tell the story.
  • Tec Talks Episode 2

    Tec Talks Season 2 Episode 2

    In this episode of Tec Talks, we focus on the students ability to identify a real world problem and create an original solution to the problem.
  • TecTalks Season 2 Episode 1

    TecTalks Season 2 Episode 1

    Tec Talks tell the stories of the students from their perspective. Join Look Media as we watch the students grow and learn in this series.
  • Tec Talks: Episode 2

    Tec Talks: Episode 2 of TEC-SMART Program

    Episode 2 of our groundbreaking Tec Talks series on Look TV dives deeper into what area high school students are learning in the Clean Tech ECHS program at HVCC’s TEC-SMART facility . This episode follows several projects, including carbon monoxide testing, fuel efficiency and an H20 runoff app.
  • Tec Talks Logo

    Tec Talks: Episode 1

    The high school students were tasked with an innovative app challenge for water quality for the initial Tec Talks TEC-SMART episode. This is the first look into the program through the eyes of the Ballston Spa High School Students. They learn the real issues that face their community and the problem solving strategies to overcome […]


Tec-Smart HVCC

The Clean Technologies & Sustainable Industries Early College High School (Clean Tech ECHS) program was launched by the Ballston Spa Central School District in 2011, in partnership with Hudson Valley Community College and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). This program focuses on challenging high school students in clean energy and sustainability, computer science, entrepreneurship, nanotechnology and mechatronics. Students in 25 school districts from around the region attend the Clean Tech ECHS in Malta. In 2015, Look TV will document this extraordinary journey of the Clean Tech ECHS students progressing through this program. Each team was given a camera to document the experience. This show is through the eyes of the high schoolers, an in-depth look at technology in the classroom.