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NYS Government Officals Voice their Support of the Tip Credit

Look TV’s coverage of a visit that took place yesterday between New York State Officials and Restaurant owners and servers. At the meeting they voiced their support of the NYS Tip Credit, which Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed eliminating. There have been concerns from members of the restaurant industry in NYS because their believe eliminating the tip credit would cripple their businesses.

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Written by LookTV 2018 user

There are 6 comments

  • Patrick O'Sullivan. says:

    Thank you State Senator Kathy Marchione. Finally a politician who has the guts to go out on a limb for us against the Governor and the bloodsucking service unions and do the right thing for our industry. Again I have no criticism of and every admiration for Trades Unions and public sector unions. Nothing but contempt for SEIU, UNITE HERE AND ROC UNITED.

  • Jennifer Schellenberg says:

    Thank you for hearing the workers that this is going to affect! The tip credit is so important to our community, and the servers are the ones that want to keep it!

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank you for agreeing with us and helping us fight this change!! As a server, I believe this is a terrible idea and am a huge supporter of the tip credit! You were spot on with this and I just want to thank you for standing up and speaking out on our behalf!
    NYS server, Jennifer

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