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Written by admin

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  • Linda Kwiatkowski says:

    We saw the interview tonight (8/29/14) with Dr. Limeri and frankly we don’t know why you even brought him on. My husband had Lyme disease and three co-infections and some friends have had it for over twenty years. My husband was lucky to find a Lyme literate doctor who saved his life. He had gone to fifteen doctors and no one could really help. They were as vague as your interview with Dr. Limeri. He never said anything about the co-infections or the tons of symptoms one gets with Lyme and how it can kill you if not diagnosed and treated by educated Lyme literate doctors. The interview was such a waste of time and served no purpose, what so ever, to the public. Next time get a Lyme literate doctor on to explain everything and maybe it will educate the public just how serious this disease is.

  • major david dean says:

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