Election Results: Supervisor Races
November 8, 2011

Election Results: Supervisor Races

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Here are the election results for town supervisor races.

Town of Ballston (100% Reporting)

Peter Connors (R) 1,134

Patti Southworth (D) 1,225 WIN

Town of Malta (100% Reporting)

Paul Sausville (R) 1,377 WIN

Cynthia Young (D) 1,317

Town of Horicon (100% Reporting)

Ralph Bentley (I)  398 WIN

Robert Olsen (R) 316

Town of Johnsburg

Charles Martin (R) 196

Ronald Vanselow (D) 422 WIN

Town of Lake George

Dennis Dickinson (R) 606 WIN

Frank McCoy (C) 477

Janice Strachan (D) 48

Town of Lake Luzerne

Lawrence Bennett (SLM) 228

Eugene Merlino (D) 563 WIN

Town of Easton

John Rymph (R) 325

Judith Schneible (EV) 317

Town of Fort Ann

Darlene Dumas (R) 612 WIN

Richard Winchell (C) 435

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