Bar Closing Vote, Possible Levies On Bars
June 4, 2012

Bar Closing Vote, Possible Levies On Bars

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Saratoga Springs — Bar owners that stay open after 3am in the City of Saratoga Springs could face levies in an effort to encourage them to shut up shop early.

Public Safety Commissioner Christian Mathiesen tells Look News that just one of the measures he is considering as an effort to change bar closing times from 3 to 4am seems unlikely to become law.

Mathiesen will Tuesday night present a resolution before the city council asking for their support in his effort to close bars early.  However he is uncertain he has the votes necessary for the measure to pass.

He says the move would cut down on problems in the Caroline Street area.

The state recently said that a change in bar closing times would have to be a countywide measure.

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