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Look Headlies 11 03 17

A Look at what is happening in Warren, Washington, and Saratoga Counties for November 3rd, 2017. In tonight’s headlines, a Pro-Charter Change gr...

Saratoga Charter Review Commission Interview Nov. 2017 Pt.1

Join Look TV as we sit down with Bob Turner, Chair of the Saratoga Charter Review Commission. We’re also joined by Gordon Boyd, Treasurer of the...

Caffe Lena Renovations Interview 2017

Join Look TV as we sit down with Sarah Craig, Executive Director of Caffe Lena. We’re also joined by Sonny Bonacio, President of Bonacio Constru...

Paula Tancredi Penman Interview Nov. 2017

Join Look TV as we sit down with Paula Tancredi Penman. She’s a candidate for Wilton Town Board. She’s here to give us updates on her camp...